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The unique technology for manufacture of OBVans

Unique technology of manufacture of OBVans, developed by the Russian System Integrator, allows to provide durability, reliability and convenience of operation of the TV complexes made by Vidau Systems on wheels.

Vidau Systems creates OBVans on two-and three-axle monochassis or semitrailers, and also on the off-road chassis. The chassis base might be Volvo or Mercedes, MAN or Scania. In addition, Vidau Systems is a partner of KAMAZ with production of special-purpose vehicles.  Vidau Systems has in its case projects of OBVans on 4×4 and 6×6 chassis of this Russian manufacturer, whose name is well knowns in the world.

The technology allows building OBVans for the specific tasks, for example, broadcasts of sports competitions or universal multipurpose shooting complexes for direct broadcasts of concerts, political actions and public actions. Our OBVans are ready to shoot for postproduction and live production.       

Body construction

Steel beams skeleton filled with insulation panels (up to 80mm). Outer shell is built of light and strong composite panels. Inner shell is built of waterproof plywood. 

This technology provides a long term of body usage (over 25 years) based on increased steel frame mechanical endurance. In case of light body damage the repair of the shell can be made easily by changing the shell panels only.

Frameless monocoque​

Frameless monocoque body is built without solid frame but contains reinforcement elements.  This body can expect at least 15 years of usage. It is lighter and cheaper than previous, but in case of damage it will need much more complex repair or even full body reconstruction.


Exterior finish provides the best on market anticorrosion resistance. All lower parts and mechanisms are made of stainless steel, non-corrosion materials or zinc galvanized and multilayer coated. All furniture (bay and door lockers, hinges, handles) construction prevents of dirt and moisture accumulation.

All bays and doors have double sealing providing an excellent waterproof and dustproof. Outer shell is built of aluminum sheets and has the multilayer coating. All shell joins are filled of resin or silicone compound to prevent moisture penetration.

Outer stairs and rails are made of stainless steel. The design of steps excludes sliding in any weather conditions.

Sliding and leveling mechanism

Side sliding mechanism is powered by fully automatic hydraulic system. Hydro cylinders are equipped with locks preventing side sliding during drive.

Synchronization system ensures smooth and precise sliding without skewness.

All the hydraulic pipelines are made mostly from stainless steel. Only reasonable joints are made from high quality flexible hoses.

Leveling system is controlled by microprocessor unit with a dose of sensors. Each hydraulic jack can be controlled separately for quick and accurate leveling. For the emergency situation there is manual drive provided.


Air conditioning

We are completely sure that fresh air and comfortable conditions are necessary for staff. A plenty of equipment in racks has to be surely cooled too. That’s why we pay great attention to the ventilation and air conditioning system. We offer redundant systems for equipment zone and reasonable solutions for personnel. We use air deflectors to control airflows and prevent uncomfortable direct blows


We provide our OB Vans with two or three 380/400V three-phase inputs, measurement and control equipment. For galvanic insulation we use heavy duty transformers.

Technological equipment is powered with UPS systems with 1/3 redundancy. Every single UPS can be disconnected and dismounted for repair or maintenance without power loss.


We use high quality and heavy duty floor and wall carpet. Furniture are made from wood, stainless steel, plywood.

Design and color palette can be discussed with client from the wide range of samples.

All working spaces are organized to provide maximum convenience and comfort.

Features and Warranty

This technology is not only “Hard & Soft”. It includes a program of support for the complex as a whole and its components, as well as the production of a complete set of diagrams and operational documentation. The training program provides trainings on work with equipment, operation of a body and life support systems.

Vidau Systems is the only Russian company that provides complete system integration of OBVans including the design and construction of the body with a expanding side. All steps of construction do at Vidau Systems the Moscow Region facilities. Vidau Systems provides 5-year warranty and informs our customers that the service life of a mobile television station will be 20-25 years with proper operation and timely preventive maintenance. 

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